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AC of AZ, also known as Air Conditioning of Arizona, provides top-tier HVAC services specializing in delivering comprehensive cooling and heating solutions to their clients. With a focus on reliability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, they offer a range of services including installation, maintenance, and repair of air conditioning systems. AC of AZ is committed to ensuring comfortable indoor climates across Arizona's diverse environments, priding themselves on their technical expertise and prompt, professional service. Whether it's a residential home or commercial space, AC of AZ tailors its approach to meet the unique needs of its clients, ensuring optimal functionality of their HVAC systems throughout the seasons.



Twelverays embarked on a mission to elevate AC of AZ's online footprint through a focused local SEO campaign, and the outcome was nothing short of remarkable. Within a span of six months, our strategic approach resulted in an influx of 9K new users, a clear indicator of our adeptness at boosting local online visibility and attracting substantial traffic. This surge underscores our capacity to craft and implement SEO tactics that effectively connect with the community, linking AC of AZ to a wider audience in search of top-tier HVAC services.

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Twelverays' social media strategy for AC of AZ generated remarkable results, as reflected in the significant metrics captured. Our efforts amplified their reach to an astounding 241.7K, marking a 100% increase and highlighting the potency of our targeted content. Engagement followed suit, with content interactions peaking at 120 interactions, a clear sign of the content's relevance and resonance with the audience. Notably, the lifetime follower count saw a considerable boost, culminating in 539 dedicated followers. Link clicks to AC of AZ's website were not left behind, soaring to 1.2K, indicative of high-quality traffic and genuine interest in their HVAC services. These impressive figures from organic efforts and paid advertising underscore Twelverays' capability to not only expand reach but also engage and maintain a growing, active online community for our clients.

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