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ATC Income Tax


ATC Income Tax provides income tax services to individuals and small businesses. They continue to thrive in a highly competitive market.

In this case study, we will explore our recent collaboration with ATC Income Tax, a well-established and reputable tax preparation service provider.

Faced with the challenge of capturing the attention of potential clients during the highly competitive tax season, ATC Income Tax turned to TwelveRays for assistance in running targeted meta ads to boost their brand visibility and drive customer acquisition.


Paid Ads

By leveraging our expertise in meta advertising and our deep understanding of the financial services industry, we crafted a strategic marketing campaign that not only exceeded ATC Income Tax's expectations but also generated impressive results in terms of customer engagement and return on investment.

This case study will delve into the key challenges faced by ATC Income Tax, our comprehensive approach to addressing these challenges, and the measurable outcomes that demonstrate the success of our collaboration.

Twelverays ran tax season ads for meta platforms, with mixed content types (photos & videos)

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