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Creating a residential construction website for Essence properties

Essence Properties Is a property developer in Canada. They wanted Twelverays to revamp their own website to a mobile-friendly website.

Essence Properties
Essence Properties


Webflow, Figma, Adobe Photoshop, CDN

What we did

Mobile Optimization, SEO, UI & UX Optimization, System Design, Site Architecture


Essence is proud to be a family-owned and operated builder specializing in residential construction throughout Surrey, South Surrey, and Langley.

Challenge: Essence's old website is outdated and not mobile friendly. The staff is unable to update the old website and the website vendor is not available.

Solution: Leverage Webflow technology and design skillset of Twelverays.

Result: Super fast, light weight website. Hosted with Webflow, security, updates and CDN all handled by Webflow.

Solutions (1-4)

Solution 1
Leverage no-code platform Webflow to create web technology.
Solution 2
Utilize WEBP images for fast and light-weight response time.
Solution 3
Optimized SEO for strong google rankings.
Solution 4
Optimized user funnel with proper UI and UX to convert leads.

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+10 projects

Amount of projects created


Created company portal with login

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