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Creating a clean-looking e-commerce website for Nahgima

Nahgima is an e-commerce platform hosted on Shopify. Twelverays revamped her website and integrated many integrations to streamline her website.



Shopify, CDN, Adobe Photoshop

What we did

E-commerce, Mobile Optimization, SEO, UI & UX Optimization, System Design, Site Architecture


Nahgima is an e-commerce website promoting newborn to children's clothing.

Challenge: Nahgima reached out to Twelverays to have her old website revamped. She initially got the website done overseas, but the site was not delivered or functional. She was now looking for a North American agency to help rebuild her website.

Solution: Create a brand new website powered by Shopify. Leverage Twelveray's expert knowledge of Shopify and its plugins.

Result: Clean looking e-commerce website. Fully functional, client is able to update and make adjustments on the website. Shipping and accounting is streamlined by Shopify plugins.

Solutions (1-4)

Solution 1
Leverage no-code platform Shopify to create e-commerce web technology.
Solution 2
Utilize WEBP images for fast and light-weight response time.
Solution 3
Optimized SEO for strong google rankings.
Solution 4
Optimized user funnel with proper UI and UX to convert leads.

Check out what we did

1 month

Time it took to go live


Increased sales conversion

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