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Adapting Dynamics 365 to Peoples Group needs

Learn how Twelverays implemented a Dynamics 365 solution for Peoples Group and how it was an 90% more cost-effective, 70% faster process.

Peoples Group
Peoples Group


Dynamics 365, CRM installation

What we did

Install Dynamics 365 cost-effectively, quickly and stress-free


Peoples Group has been providing tailored financial services to the Canadian marketplace for more than 35 years.

Challenges - Install Dynamics 365 cost-effectively,quickly and stress-free. Rapidly and affordably adapt Dynamics 365 to Peoples Group needs.

Solution - Leverage Twelveray's expert Dynamics 365 knowledge and best practices.

Results - 90% more cost-effective, 70% faster,stress-free implementation. Customize 20% of Dynamics 365 processes.

Solutions (1-4)

Solution 1
Provision Dynamics 365 Sales Module
Solution 2
Set up Sales modules
Solution 3
Consult with business to implement business rules
Solution 4
User training for high adoption rate

Check out what we did

90% savings

More cost-effective

70% faster

Faster, stress-free implementation

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