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Improving the Scented Market visibility on Google

Learn how Twelverays prepared the Scented Market website to be more SEO compliant; some examples were removing dead links and ensuring website stability.

The Scented Market
The Scented Market


Shopify, Google Analytics, Google Search Console

What we did

Organic SEO, keyword research, content optimization, UI/UX improvements


The Scented Market is a lifestyle brand that offers handmade, eco-friendly products for your home and your body. This includes Scented Soy Candles, Bath + Body and more.

Challenge - To improve The Scented Market visibility on Google.

Solution - Twelverays' custom SEO and Keyword design.

Result - The Scented Market ranking in the top 5 results for targeted keywords.

Solutions (1-4)

Solution 1
Meta titles and description optimization
Solution 2
Site structure architecture
Solution 3
Keyword optimization
Solution 4
Content refresh throughout site

Check out what we did

Top 3 Rankings

Ranked 1-3 for keywords


Amount of new users to the site

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