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Brand strategy creative session
Audit all online/ offline branding touchpoints
Audit brand style guide and provide recommendations
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Review and audit USP (unique selling proposition)
Website speed test and audit
Work together to create quantifiable goals
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Conduct a brand strategy creative session
Review all of your online/offline branding touch points
Create a brand touch points map that isolates visually all of your online and offline marketing touch points
Review your brand strategy guide and provide recommendations
Provide an overview of your CRM and provide recommendations
Conduct a pay-per-click (PPC) strategy review
Conduct a social media strategy review
We coordinate a project kickoff meeting with our key strategists and your team.
You will get a senior Project Manager to personally handle your account
Provide you with a digital marketing audit questionnaire
Conduct a 3-4 hour strategy session
Complete a review of your existing marketing strategy
Conduct an online reputation & 5 star rating review
Review your business listings accuracy across online platforms
Test your website security/vulnerability
Conduct a thorough review of your SEO
Review your leads and conversion over the last year
Review your domain name asset and intellectual property
Review your mobile compatibility
Review your web analytics dashboard
Provide a complete project costing detail and budget summary
Produce a project strategy report and implementation planner
Review and optimize your unique selling proposition (USP) for the online market
Conduct an online analysis of your top 3 competitors
Conduct an email marketing customer experience review
Conduct a shopping cart conversion review (if applicable)
Work together and create quantifiable goals for you
Conduct a heat map overview of usage patterns on your website
Conduct a test to measure the speed of your website download

Additional Services

Live chat integration
$200 ea
Additional Landing Pages (includes page layout, creation, and design)
$1,100 ea
Additional Copywriting Pages (includes page layout, creation, and design)
$300 ea
Additional Pages Migrated/Created (Copywriting NOT included)
$50 per page
Additional Landing Pages (includes page layout, creation, and graphic design)
$1,050 ea
Ad Creative
$250 per ad
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