Twelverays VS building an in-house team

Building an in-house team isn't easy. It requires significant amount of resources such as time, money, and effort.

Twelverays helps you build your marketing dream team faster

Top Talent

• Matched from 600+ top-performing marketers.

• Experts matches are based on 25+ factors from niche experience to personality.

• Your experts come with proven track records to make your working relationship a success.

Full Accountability

• See exactly who is doing what, and where, and when with our Insights Feed

• Be on top on your marketing results with clear campaign and channel performance dashboards

• Get continuous updates and insights from your Experts and Growth Strategist

Fast Hiring

• Meet with an expert in 48 hours of filling out the brief.

• Receive a full marketing plan from your chosen experts within the 1st week.

• Go live with your marketing campaigns immediately after you approve the plan

Why choose Twelverays?

With Twelverays, you get the best of both optimized hiring and optimized management - so you get maximum results.
Access to top talents that work for brands of all sorts:
Built according to your brand at each growth stage:
Unbiased monitoring of specialist' work and performance:
Simple Pricing Package:

Vetted Experts
10+ Years of Industry Experience
Built according to what's right for your brand at each growth stage
Monthly Subscriptions Available
Unbiased monitoring of experts' work and performance
Live monitoring tool
Simple Pricing Packages
Simple Pricing Packages
Limited access to top talent who don't work for brands and agencies anymore
Long and complicated hiring process
Hard to change according to your ad-hoc marketing needs.
Not enough knowledge to monitor in-house
Sick days, vacation time, etc
Training Costs
Hiring Costs

Have Someone on your side

Complete Visibility

Access all your campaign analytics, advertisements, and current initiatives through a simple report.

Regular Reporting

Receive weekly briefings and monthly overviews focused on your key performance indicators and activities in your insights stream.

Objective Oversight

Our team and technology continuously evaluate the efforts and results of your marketing team.

Neutral Consultation

Engage in monthly discussions with your assigned Growth Strategists to strategize your next successful steps.