What Is Frase.io?

Last updated:
February 12, 2023

Frase.io is an intelligent automation and content optimization (content editor) tool that provides comprehensive insights (e.g. content gaps, target keyword, keyword research tool, content score) to businesses and content creators worldwide.

This software helps businesses and writers create better content while optimizing it for search engine rankings.

What Does Frase.io Do?

Frase.io is designed to give businesses and content creators a competitive edge in the digital world. It analyzes your existing natural language content and offers customized suggestions on how to optimize it for search engines (based on monthly search volume, user intent, external links, concept map), what keywords you should target, how long a piece of content should be, etc.

This platform can also automatically write summarizations for you in different lengths–from brief summaries of individual sentences, to extended documents outlining the entire blog post or article (AI-generated content).

This AI-driven tool also provides personalized feedback about how well you’re writing in relation to your competitors, by tracking their keyword usage, online performance metrics such as click-through rates and integration with popular marketing platforms like Google Analytics.

The software even has its own analytics dashboard so you can quickly review all key performance indicators (KPIs) related to your content revisions over time.

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How Does Frase.io Work?

Frase.io (Frase AI) intelligent automation platform works in three steps: discovery, optimization and analytics. First, it helps the user uncover important topics related to the business; then it analyzes the existing natural language content and offers tailored recommendations on how to optimize them.

Finally, it provides users with detailed analytics dashboards that show how their optimizations have affected various KPIs over time.

The software can generate several different types of reports: website audits, SEO analysis, customer acquisition analysis, competitor analysis, social media performance analysis, conversion rate analysis, and much more.

By leveraging all these data points into one comprehensive report, users can quickly get an up-to-date view of their website’s health from both an SEO and overall user experience perspective – helping them make informed decisions about how best to improve their online presence down the road.


The  Frase Platform has 4 key components:



Use the top results for any target search query to curate SEO-optimized briefs in minutes. Frase.io saves you from hours of SERP research by analyzing, dissecting, and centralizing the internet’s best content in one place.

  • Generate full-length, optimized content briefs in 6 seconds (detailed content briefs)
  • Review the main keywords, headers, and concepts in your SEO competitors’ content in one intuitive research panel
  • Create and store custom brief templates to streamline your workflow
  • Use the Outline Builder to streamline outline creation
  • Find out topic gaps in your current content
  • Content outline to help with content writing based on other contents based on keywords

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Generate SEO-friendly content quickly and easily with AI tools that provide automated outlines, topic tabs, blog post introductions, product descriptions, FAQ's and more — taking the frustration out of writer's block.

  • Click “Write for Me” to autocomplete your sentences and even write entire new paragraphs
  • Use AI templates to generate controlled outputs like blog intros, high-converting copywriting formulas, FAQ’s, headings, and more
  • Enhance the quality of your writing by using automatic paraphrasing and rewriting techniques.
  • Write unlimited long-form content with the help of artificial intelligence (unlimited documents)
  • Writing tool with average word count analytics, organic traffic information, quality content ranking, and search rankings comparisons.



An intuitive text editor that uses a topic model to score your content against your competitors. Frase’s list of related topics–as well as the recommended number of mentions for each–will help you write like an expert and publish content that Google will love.

  • Use Frase’s topic model to identify the keywords you should include in your content
  • Compare your content’s keywords with your top competitors
  • Content optimization tools with content strategists, topic ideas, question ideas, or common questions based on the inputted keywords.
  • Content ideas based on custom template created by the user

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Content Analytics

A dashboard that automatically identifies and categorizes your best content opportunities. Frase.io uses your Google Search Console data to serve up actionable insights about what you should work on next.

With Frase.io, users can quickly identify which topics are performing well and which need improvement. They can also track how their content is performing over time and compare it to competitors’ performance. Additionally, it provides insights into keyword rankings, backlinks, and other SEO metrics to help users optimize their content for search engines.

Overall, Frase.io is an invaluable tool for businesses looking to maximize the impact of their content marketing efforts.

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