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Creating a manufacturing company website for Chia Jengs

Chia Jeng reached out to Twelverays to help create a formal corporate page. We leveraged webflow technology to build a website that is future-proof and scalable

Chia Jeng
Chia Jeng


Webflow, Figma, Adobe Photoshop, CDN

What we did

Mobile Optimization, SEO, UI & UX Optimization, System Design, Site Architecture


Manufacturing production solutions are offered by Chia Jengs, which specializes in foam.

Their research and development team focuses on material development, product design, prototyping, and testing. Their team transforms innovative ideas into large-scale production, using a diverse range of foam material for extreme sports protection, industrial applications, medical care, fitness and leisure industries, as well as shoe-making businesses.

Challenge: Create a new corporate website that is not PHP backend. They want a website/technology that is future-proof or using the latest technology. They want the website to be mobile friendly and cater to North American B2B leads.

Solution: Leverage Webflow technology and design skillset of Twelverays.


Result: Super fast, light weight website. Hosted with Webflow, security, updates and CDN all handled by Webflow.

Solutions (1-4)

Solution 1
Leverage no-code platform Webflow to create web technology.
Solution 2
Utilize WEBP images for fast and light-weight response time.
Solution 3
Optimized SEO for strong google rankings.
Solution 4
Optimized user funnel with proper UI and UX to convert leads.

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