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Ascend the search engine rankings on platforms such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo to get your business seen at the top of search engine results pages.

Getting SEO right is both a technical, evolving science as well as a strategic art. From back-end technical optimization, to strategically researching your audience’s keywords and interweaving them onto your web pages, our expert team can craft the perfect solutions for growing your SERP rankings. With new opportunities constantly arising such as voice search keywords - search engine optimization is becoming an increasingly important tool for getting ahead online.

Beginning with a comprehensive SEO audit for your website, we map how to optimize your rankings, and execute your strategy with a catalog of tools and methods. We also offer web design services that apply SEO best practices from the start. We can also preserve your domain authority, if you’re moving websites, with a reliable migration strategy. Using tactics such as 301 redirects to effectively transfer your organic traffic and authority to your new website.

Boost your Website's Rankings
SEO Audit1/8
We conduct technical, on page, off page and competitive analysis to understand all of the dimensions of your current SEO situation and that of your competitors. From this, we conduct detailed keyword research and find the best opportunities for boosting your results page rankings.
Technical Optimisation2/8
We make it easy for search engine bots to crawl around your website and index its pages and contents. This boosts the relevance and likelihood of your website showing up to prospects on the first results page. With technical optimization from our experts, you could even land your content on the first results page as a featured snippet.
Keyword Research3/8
Keyword research is the basis for getting your website to the top of search engine rankings. By cataloging and analyzing the keywords audiences are using for information, products and services related to your business - we find the best keywords for boosting your website search relevance with various segments of your target audience.
SEO Strategy4/8
The SEO strategy brings all aspects of the SEO process together, optimizing the tactical execution of SEO methods to achieve your goals. A strategy that’s tailored precisely for your business and market is integral to our SEO services; a key aspect of this feature is developing a greater understanding of your business’s position, challenges, and how to surmount them to achieve your marketing goals.
Organic Marketing5/8
Organic marketing is excellent because it can provide a continuous stream of leads and conversions for your business. SEO is a very effective, long lifetime value marketing tool for getting your website to appear in the first results page directly to an audience with an interest in your business.
Measurement + Reporting6/8
We break down the data that we collect from our SEO audit and keyword research and present our findings to your business. Our data-driven approach informs our high-leverage strategies. After the implementation of your bespoke SEO plan, we continue to track and optimize your website’s SEO performance to continually scale your rankings.
Backlink Analysis7/8
Boost your website’s authority and rankings with thorough back-link analysis. Eradicate bad links to your site and assess your competitors top ranking pages and site authority to effectively prioritize your SEO efforts.
Competitor Research8/8
Competitor research provides a plethora of deep insights into your competitors’ strategies, as well as their products and priorities; allowing you to uncover gaps in the market, emerging trends, and develop exciting new products and services for your market.

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PPC Management

PPC management is the process through which a marketer (or team of marketers) manages the whole PPC ad strategy and budget for a firm. An internal team of marketers and media buyers can do this, or it can be contracted out to a third party company.

Multiply your ROI
Keyword research1/5
Finding and identifying the search terms used by your target market is known as keyword research.
Target channels2/5
Selecting which paid media channels to pursue. These may include social media advertising as well as Google Ads, Bing Ads, and display networks.
PPC monitoring3/5
Checking the efficacy of each campaign and keyword to make sure PPC efforts are generating a profit.
Competition analysis4/5
Observing the tactics used by the competitors, the keywords they are focusing on, and the ad copy they are utilising (to uncover gaps they can fill in on their own).
Campaign optimization5/5
Campaign structure is being watched, and top performing keywords are being used to optimize. You could wish to concentrate your expenditure on certain keywords to increase ROI, for instance, if 10% of keywords generate the majority of sales.

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Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a form of digital marketing that involves sending sponsored advertisements to your target audience through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Ads on social media are a quick and efficient approach to reach your target audience and expand your marketing initiatives.

Advertisers are able to give tailored information to their audiences and hyper-target them based on demographics and user behaviour by utilising a variety of data sources.

Advertisers may experience an increase in interactions and conversions when a brand is exposed to an audience on social media. Additionally affordable, social media advertisements provide excellent rates of return on investment.

Supercharge your CTR
Predictive Modelling1/5
Empowered by machine learning technologies, predictive modelling delivers deep insights using aggregated data from your leads to predict the best messages and mediums for various audience segments across your paid search channels.
Advanced Campaign Management2/5
Advanced campaign management tools are not as complicated as they sound; ACM takes away the complexity and legwork out of creating, structuring and optimizing your campaigns, using data driven insights. Leaving more valuable time for your creatives.
Performance Optimization3/5
Arising from the combination of your predictive modelling and ACM tools, your performance optimization processes will enjoy more automation while delivering accurate, reliable insights to facilitate your creatives’ innovative paid search campaign activities.
Competitor Social Analysis4/5
Discover the insights you need to supplant your competitors on search engines, using auction insights such as CPC costs, top of page rates, social media advertising keyword analysis, and quality scores, enabling unprecedentedly compelling, cost-effective ads for your business.
Consumer Research5/5
Consumer research provides the insights you need to build a closer relationship with your prospects by attracting them to your business. We help you to fully map and segment the needs, motivations, interests and personas of your customers to inform a great marketing strategy that speaks to them.

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Social Media Management

Social Media Management is a very important part of any business. It can be used to promote your products and services, increase brand awareness or even generate leads for sales.

We offer a hands-off approach to social media. We will create an effective presence across multiple platforms so that you don't have to worry about posting content yourself.

We will craft your posts, monitor analytics, optimize, and track conversions/engagement.

Level Up your Community
Social Media Strategy1/3
Social media strategies are useful for helping clients see the path to success. We can be of service in assisting you in your social media management efforts, as well as building your plans for an internal team to help with the direction you want to take. Starting with a discovery session, Twelverays will lead the project by identifying business goals, analyzing metrics, pinpointing target audience behaviour. Our strategies are equipped with a social ecosystem audit, competitive analysis, content pillar strategy, and a channel strategy.
Social Media Management2/3
Take the guesswork out of your social media marketing. Twelverays can work with your brand with our social media management programs for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Content calendar crafting, scheduling, proactive and reactive community engagement, as well as month-end wrap reports, keep you in the loop on your social channels at all times
Content Creation3/3
A key component of brand consistency, and of social media growth, is strong visual assets. We can assist you with all your multimedia needs, from photography to video and other forms of multimedia.

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