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Patsnap is a leading provider of patent analytics and IP intelligence solutions. The company's powerful platform empowers businesses worldwide to make better innovation decisions, gain competitive advantages, and protect their intellectual property.



The Challenge

Patsnap's website faced a series of technical SEO issues, impacting their search engine visibility and the overall user experience. A comprehensive audit revealed numerous optimization opportunities, including:

  • Crawl Errors: Issues with indexing, duplicate content, and blocked pages.
  • HTTP Status Code Errors: Broken links, redirects, and server errors leading to a poor user experience.
  • Inconsistent Title and Description Tags: Missing, duplicate, or poorly optimized tags limiting search relevance.
  • Website Speed: Slow performance affecting both user experience and search rankings.
  • Content Quality: Concerns with thin content, improper heading structure, and missing elements.
  • Internal and External Linking: Broken or inefficient internal links impacting the flow of authority, and problematic external links.
  • Images: Missing alt text and unoptimized image files.

The Solution

Patsnap partnered with Twelverays to prioritize and address the most critical technical SEO issues impacting their website.  This strategic approach focused on:

  • High-Impact Crawl Fixes: Resolved indexing and duplication issues to ensure search engines could accurately discover and understand essential content.
  • Critical HTTP Status Code Fixes: Addressed broken links and server errors that were disrupting the user experience.
  • Title and Description Optimization: Prioritized key pages to enhance their search visibility, focusing on those with the potential for the most significant improvement.
  • Website Speed Enhancements: Implemented targeted code and image optimization strategies to improve loading times.
  • Strategic Content Improvements: Addressed content quality concerns for high-priority pages, focusing on heading structure and key elements.

The Results

This focused technical SEO initiative resulted in substantial improvements to Patsnap's website:

  • Improved Search Visibility: Enhanced rankings and visibility for key target pages due to critical optimizations.
  • Better User Experience: Faster loading times and streamlined navigation particularly on high-traffic areas.
  • Increased Organic Traffic: Greater visibility in search results translating to more website visitors.
  • Stronger Website Foundation: Addressing core technical SEO elements created a robust platform for future optimizations.

Key Takeaways

Patsnap's experience demonstrates the value of a strategic technical SEO approach. By prioritizing high-impact fixes, businesses can achieve significant improvements in search performance and user experience, even within the context of a focused project scope.

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In addition to the technical SEO fixes, Twelverays provided ongoing web support to optimize Patsnap's website performance and enhance its SEO. This included:

  • Plugin Upgrades for SEO: Strategic analysis and upgrade of outdated plugins that could negatively impact search engine visibility or crawlability.
  • Performance-Focused Plugin Updates: Upgrading plugins directly related to website speed, ensuring a faster and more seamless user experience, which is a key factor in search rankings.
  • SEO-Informed Development Recommendations: Collaborated with Patsnap's web development team to identify areas where development changes could further enhance SEO, promoting best practices and providing actionable guidance.

This integrated approach of web support and technical SEO ensured that Patsnap's website remained healthy, optimized, and able to reap the full benefits of the implemented SEO fixes.