13 Tips to Improve Customer Service

Last updated:
July 5, 2021

Customer service is an integral part of customer satisfaction. It's important for customer service representatives to be knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful. When customer service fails, customer satisfaction falls too. Learn the early warning signs and tips to improve your customer service game! We've composed 13 customer service tips to keep and attract loyal customers/potential customers.

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Here are 13 tips that will help you provide the best customer service possible!

  1. Always answer customer service calls in a timely manner. A potential customer or not, no one hates waiting. This is very important as a lot of people aren't too patient these days.
  2. Be courteous and professional to all customers, regardless of their attitude towards you or your company. Teach your customer service teams not to take things personally. Sometimes you will deal with emotional customers. It's all about how to identify, empathize and solve their issues. As a business owner, make sure your customer service team is well equipped to deal emotionally.
  3. Show empathy when dealing with customer complaints! Acknowledge the customer's feelings and try to solve his/her problem as best you can. Train your customer service staff to be genuine and empathetic.
  4. Listen more than talk - don't interrupt them or tell them what you think they need before he/she is done talking. This will allow for better communication because the customer won't feel like he has been interrupted constantly. Ask questions if necessary, but remember that listening should be prioritized first! The Voice of the customer is very important these days. Since a lot of potential customers review online reviews (e.g. google reviews etc), it's very important to review their concerns and act quickly! Reviewing reviews left by the customers should be part of the customer care process.
  5. Remember names (if possible) so you have something personal to refer back to later on during customer service. As part of the experience, people love being addressed correctly by the name. Imagine how you will feel when someone mispronounces your name? It will be awful right? So as part of the customer experience strategy to improve customer journeys, make sure to address them by their name correctly.
  6. Use customer feedback to improve customer service! Conduct surveys, polls, or focus groups if it's feasible and then use customer input when possible to make changes for the betterment of your company as well as customer satisfaction. Teach your customer support team to utilize customer relationship management to take note of feedbacks. With the power of CRM, you can run complex business intelligence analysis, eliminating manual feedback analysis.
  7. Educate customers about their purchases before they buy them - sometimes people may not be aware that a certain purchase will require an extra cost until after the fact. This could lead to angry customers who feel deceived by your business. Be upfront with all information upfront so no one is surprised by unexpected charges later on! Eliminate customer mistakes (buyers remorse) by empowering them on why they should purchase X.
  8. Offer rewards programs like discounts or free items in exchange for reviews from satisfied clients – this way you can build customer loyalty and encourage others to shop at your store! Plus, customer reviews are a gold mine of information for customer service representatives, so it's important to incentivize customers to leave feedback! Make memorable customer experiences!
  9. Keep customer records confidential - don't share or show anyone your customer's personal info without his/her consent. This will help you maintain trust in the company and avoid any potential security breaches. This sounds obvious, but security breaches are becoming common these days. Hackers are getting creative to steal your customer/business data. Make sure to protect them.
  10. Understand when something is out of scope for customer service – if they are asking about a topic that falls under another department (sales, shipping), then direct them accordingly so your customer can get their issue resolved as soon as possible! The last thing you want is an unhappy customer who gets put on hold indefinitely because you didn't know how to handle what he was calling about.
  11. Build relationships with customer service representatives from other companies. This will help when it comes to customer inquiries, as you may be able to refer your customer over if the issue is out of scope for your company's customer service department.
  12. When in doubt about an answer, get someone with more experience on the line and ask them!
  13. Always apologize when wronging a customer - even though he/she might not know that you are at fault, they will appreciate hearing sorry regardless because this means that you care about his/her feelings. It can make all the difference between losing a customer or keeping him or her happy.

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