How to Clear The Cache & Cookies In Microsoft Edge

Last updated:
January 1, 2023

Why Should I Clear Browser Cache?

When changes are actually made to your internet site like improving a logo, modifying an image, improving font style or transforming colours, you might bump into difficulty along with your internet browser's cache. Occasionally, your browser will use your cached data (browser caching) rather than upgraded portions of the web page that you are actually intending to view. This can easily lead to view an old website or sometimes website crashing/not loading.

Consequently, if you are collaborating with website and also making changes to the website. It is essential to clear your cache, so you are able to view the improvements as they are going to appear to any person checking out the page for the first time.

Your web browser will certainly store factors like documents, CSS styles, JavaScript, photos, as well as various other media information.

Sometimes you want to clear your browser's cache in an event where you are experiencing some issues within the site as a troubleshooting step.

Learn How To View and Delete Your Browser History And Other History In Microsoft Edge (Easy Way)

  1. Open up Edge browser.
  2. Press the following keys in sequence Ctrl+Shift+Del (While holding each key) (This key combo also works to delete Chrome browser cache).
  3. Clear browsing data pops up. Pick and choose the time range & items to delete. (We recommend choosing all time and check all the items to delete for troubleshooting web related issues)
  4. Click clear now.
Edge clear browsing data

* You can pick and choose what items to delete (Download history, browser cookies, entire browser cache etc.)

Your browsing records is actually saved locally. Those data types may additionally be actually stored in the Microsoft cloud to be synced around your signed in devices of Microsoft Edge if you've turned on sync.

Learn How To View and Delete Your Browser History And Other History In Microsoft Edge (Longer Way)

  1. Open Edge browser.
  2. In the upper-right corner, there should be a ... button (ellipses).
  3. Menu bar will appear. Click "settings" (settings menu).
  4. Settings tab window will now appear. Head over to "Privacy, search and services".
  5. There should be a section called "Clear browsing data". Find a button called "Choose what to clear".
  6. Clear browser data popup will now appear. Pick and choose the time range (period of time) and what items to delete.
microsoft edge privacy settings

Pro tip #1

If you want to temporarily start a new browser session without any cached data (no cache history), you can open your browser in private more (or called incognito mode). This is different from normal browsing, as you are navigating to a website without any cached data (no cookies, no log in cache, no cached location permissions, no user sessions, no user depersonalization preferences, etc). This helps with diagnosing website issues by navigating to a page with a clean slate. When to exit out of private mode (by closing all instance of private tabs/windows), all your session data (temporary cookies) are purged.

Pro tip #2

You may want to choose to "Block Third-party Cookies" (mainly used for tracking and online-advertising purposes) to prevent your browsing info being sent to advertisers/trackers.

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