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Last updated:
December 28, 2023

Wondering if there's a free option for The answer is yes! This article explores the details of's free plan, what features it includes, and the limitations you might encounter. Additionally, we delve into the duration of the free trial for their paid plans and how you can make the most of it. For those seeking advanced functionalities, we also touch on the options available with the paid plans. Read on to discover the ins and outs of's offerings, ensuring you make an informed decision for your team's collaboration and project management needs.

  • Free Plan Features: The free version of includes unlimited boards, 200+ templates, and collaboration for up to 2 team members. However, it comes with limitations such as file storage caps and restricted integrations, making it suitable for solo workers and small teams looking for a straightforward project management solution.
  • 14-Day Free Trial: offers a 14-day free trial for their paid plans, allowing users to explore advanced features like automation, time tracking, and additional integrations. This trial period empowers users to fully experience the platform's capabilities before deciding on a subscription, providing a comprehensive understanding of its potential benefits.

Is there a free option for

Yes, there is a free option for The platform offers a free forever plan with no time limit, as well as a 14-day free trial for their paid plans. The free plan is available to teams of any size and includes unlimited boards, 2 users, and basic features such as columns, rows, and 200+ templates. Users can also access the mobile app and integrations with popular tools.

However, the free plan does have limitations, such as a cap on the number of items per board, limited automation, and no timeline view. For those looking for more advanced features, offers paid plans with a 14-day free trial, allowing users to explore additional functionality before committing to a subscription.

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What does the free version of include?

The free version of includes features such as unlimited boards, 200+ templates, and the ability to collaborate with up to 2 team members. Users can also access basic columns, such as text, numbers, and statuses, as well as a calendar view. The free plan is best suited for solo workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who are looking for a simple and effective way to keep track of their work and collaborate with a small team. The limitations of the free version include a maximum of 5GB file storage, limited integrations, and the inability to create forms and dashboards.

Specific functionalities and tools available in the free version of include timeline views, kanban views, and map views, as well as activity logs and a search function. It also offers basic project tracking and management tools, such as progress tracking and the ability to assign tasks. Additionally, offers a 14-day free trial for their paid plans, which include more advanced features such as automation, time tracking, and additional integrations.

How long can you try Monday com for free? offers a 14-day free trial for users to test out the platform's features and capabilities. During the free trial, users have access to all the features available in the paid plans, allowing them to fully explore how the platform can benefit their team and workflow. However, after the 14-day free trial, users have the option to continue with the free plan, which comes with limited features and a user limit of two.

This allows users to continue using the platform at no cost, but with some restrictions on functionality and the number of team members who can access the account. Overall, the free trial period provides a valuable opportunity for users to experience the full range of benefits that has to offer before deciding on a paid plan or continuing with the free option.

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Twelverays aims to provide our clients with a top-notch CRM implementation. offers two main plans, Standard and Enterprise, each with their own pricing and key features. The Standard plan includes advanced reporting, multi-level permissions, and tailored onboarding, making it an ideal choice for smaller businesses. The Enterprise plan offers additional features and customization options for larger companies.

Compared to HubSpot CRM,'s pricing is competitive and offers flexibility with the number of seats available. Additionally, provides daily live webinars, giving our clients the opportunity to learn and maximize their CRM usage on a regular basis. Both and HubSpot CRM have their own unique strengths, and we are confident that will provide our clients with the tools and support they need to succeed in their digital marketing efforts.

At Twelverays, we are committed to helping our clients find the best CRM solution for their business needs, and we believe that is a strong contender. With its user-friendly interface, customizable features, and excellent support, we are confident that will be a valuable asset to our clients in managing their customer relationships and driving business growth. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you implement CRM for your business.

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