Ways to Use Instagram Highlights to Market Products

Last updated:
September 7, 2022

Social media has become a crucial part of everyday life. Millions of users use platforms like Instagram daily to connect, share and discover things like music, fashion, travel destinations and much more. Instagram highlights are one feature that allows people to organize and display stories on their profiles. The highlights are a permanent feature on your profile, although they can be edited, named and categorized. Each highlight allows you to publish up to 100 videos or photos. In addition, studies researching brand and customer interest have shown that people become more interested in products and brands after seeing them in stories.

9 Ways to Utilize Instagram Highlights to Market Services & Products

Here are some ways you can utilize Instagram highlights to market your services or products:

1. Showcasing Products and Services:

the first step in promotion is to showcase the products/services to promote your business and engage with your customers. Using Insta highlights, you can organize the products/services into categories. Categorization will guide the customers and make navigation easier for them. Once customers can quickly check and view the products in the highlights and get adequate information without having to search or look through the website, you have grabbed their attention. Receiving information in organized highlights is easier for the audience to digest. You can tag your Instagram shop within the highlights, and users can be directed to the shop page. Seasonal collections, new arrivals, sales or other promotions should be showcased via separate categories to garner more attention.

2. Showcasing customer reviews and testimonials:

You must showcase how satisfied customers are with your products and services. Their opinion, thoughts, or testimonials will influence how potential buyers may view your products and services. Seeing happy customers in highlights will make the purchase decision easier for buyers. Customers will be appreciative, and audience trust in products/services will increase. This can be done by sharing written comments, reels, photos or videos of customers' reactions and comments on products/services.

3. Promote Events:

Highlight that anytime you host an event related to your products/services. It will not only attract new customers but will help build and strengthen your relations with current customers. Bu promoting in highlights the information will be available longer than just insta stories where it will disappear after 24 hours. You can keep your customers and potential buyers interested by including highlights with event details, location, time, date, and purpose. In addition, using features like polls, you can gauge the interest of potential attendees and cater your events accordingly.

4. FAQs:

By creating an FAQ Highlight, you can facilitate and help your audience better understand your product, brand or service. This will be essential for marketing. If the interested audience/customers are struggling to find answers to basic questions and have to go through loops before finding those answers, this will not be helpful to the business. Solutions to primary and most frequently asked questions being easily accessible will keep the audience interested and indicate your thoughtfulness and concern for potential customers. You can also use the stickers such as questions or ask me anything to allow people viewing your highlights to ask questions and add those to your FAQs.

5. Education and informational content/resources:

To establish credibility and trust for your product/service, create highlights having resources, educational content, tips and tutorial for their use. For example, this highlight can be very handy if your product requires assembling. This will help instill trust in your product and be a great marketing opportunity. You can also share behind-

The scenes or in-depth information about the product's functionality, brand or service gives customers an idea of how it came to be and what to expect once they make a purchase.

6. Interaction and Engagement with Audience/Followers:

To establish trust and rapport with audience/followers, it is essential to know what your existing or potential buyers/customers think about your product, brand or service. This is crucial for marketing purposes. Engagement is the only way to gather this information; you can use stickers, polls and questions, including an interactive highlight on your Instagram. Once you communicate and interact with your customers and understand their viewpoints, you can cater to their needs and market your product/services more effectively. In addition, customers will feel valued and heard.

7. Share Promotions/Deals & Discounts:

Offering discounts or giveaways is one of the most effective ways to market your products and boost your sales. These highlights will give greater visibility to your brand.

8. Introducing your team:

While social media is effective for promotions, introducing your team members to customers will allow you to establish that seller/buyer relationship. Customers are always curious about a product/services and employees, who are the people behind these brands. Through Instagram highlight, you can build more personal online relationships, which is beneficial for marketing your product or service. Employees talking highly about their experiences with your product, brand, company or service will impact and influence the audience's viewpoint and thinking as regards your products.

9. Keep marketing campaign concise:

We live in an era where content creators tell stories in 30 seconds to 2-minute clips, and people have so many choices that if they don't like what they see within the first few seconds, they scroll on. While insta highlights allow you to upload many stories per highlight, it is essential to keep it concise. The first few seconds of your highlight need to catch the viewer's attention.

Instagram highlights can help increase brand awareness and attract customers. Using tricks to engage your Instagram highlights will help you generate loyal customers and promote your brand. It would be best if you used the techniques suitable for your target audience, customers, and brand.

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