10 Best Digital Marketing Tips for Ecommerce

Last updated:
June 20, 2022

eCommerce has become the preferred choice of consumers worldwide due to its convenience and affordability. The rise of E-Commerce has also led to various digital marketing strategies. This article will discuss some of the best digital marketing tips for eCommerce.

Here are some of the best digital advertising tips for eCommerce. These include things like SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay per click), SMM (social media marketing), and email marketing. 

As with all things in life, there are different ways you can go about digital marketing for your eCommerce store. However, some digital marketing tips for eCommerce make things a lot easier than others. 

There are many ways to market your products online build reliable eCommerce marketing strategies to ensure long-term growth and sales. Here are some digital marketing tips for eCommerce businesses.


Setup, Optimize and Launch Ads

Online advertisement is essential for an eCommerce store that wants to grow fast. It helps promote a company’s product or service to target customers quickly. The platform of choice for advertisement varies based on business niche. Before launching any ad campaign, ensure proper tracking pixels are set up to get the maximum benefits and retarget the high-value customers. 

You need to make sure the ads are fully optimized to deliver the best ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) because there is no point in spending $1000 ads only to get $100 in sales. To do this, determining the target demographics is the first priority. Then choose the type of campaign to launch, whether it is an awareness campaign, lead generation campaign, or something else. Finally, the platform comes into play where you choose ad positions best to serve your niche, such as google ads; google shopping ads might be a good ad position for an eCommerce store. 

Build and Optimize Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing methods for eCommerce. It allows you to connect directly with your customer base and build trust by sending them emails containing relevant information about your brand. This is also a way to ensure that your website's traffic isn't leaking and people who have visited your site once revisit your eCommerce store. 

Use a Klayvio or Active campaign platform to build up your email lists. Setup exit-intent popups, exclusive membership offers, newsletter sign-up forms, coupon code popups on your website so users can sign up to your mailing list. Make sure users are getting something in return, and you will build up your email lists in no time. Afterward, send regular email campaigns for special sales, promotions, coupons to compel users to place an order on your eCommerce store.


Setup Relevant Email Automations

Properly setting email automation on a targeted email list can have the potential to bring in more customers than anything else on this list. To set up email automation, you can use the same tools you used to build the email list (Klayvio, ActiveCampaign). Keep giving your customers reasons to come back to your website and buy your products. Email marketing will fit in the top 3 best digital marketing tips for eCommerce. 

Start with primary email sequences such as welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, product feedback/upsell emails. Then as you get used to the platform, you can set up advanced automations such as different customer sequences based on the customer's activities on your website. Email automations are essentially something you set up once; then, it keeps on giving as long as you focus on building your email lists. Klayvio is the most advanced email automation platform for eCommerce websites. This is also your direct free method to reach your target audience every chance you get. 

Implement Upsells, Down sells and Cross sell 

An eCommerce site needs to identify potential customers for specific products accurately. Based on the identification, it should either upsell or down-sell or cross-sell the potential customer. Setting up a proper sales funnel to guide the user throughout the purchasing journey adding FOMO elements to an eCommerce site is one of the best tips for digital marketing for an eCommerce website.

Use a funnel builder tool such as WooFunnels if you are a WooCommerce user or something similar to ClickFunnels if you use Shopify or another similar platform. Funnel builders also help with ad retargeting we discussed above by giving you the ability to track pixels on every step to customize ad offers for the target audience based on their progress throughout the funnel. Use upsells to sell one more product after the customer buys something, down sells to sell a cheap product for you to get, but the same price for the customer, and cross-sells to show multiple recommended items to the potential customers. 

Get your blog started

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your eCommerce store is content marketing (blogging). Blogging is a great way to provide helpful content to your visitors and encourage them to share your content across social media platforms. This is a long-term effort that will drive a lot of free search engines to your eCommerce website. If you have a good SEO strategy, you can even have a good search ranking within the first few months in the search engines like Google. 

This digital marketing eCommerce guide can combine blogging with ad targeting, email marketing, and sales funnels listed above to get extraordinary results. This requires time, patience, and effective SEO and content writing investment. Remember, a good SEO strategy focuses on the reader, not the search engines. However, if done correctly, the ROI on traffic through blog posts would be far more than through any other paid advertisement media. A platform like WordPress & Ghost is the go-to recommendation for a blogging CMS.


Display customer reviews and user-generated content

Having happy customers who post positive reviews is always reassuring for your potential customers. Not just text reviews but encourage your loyal customers to add more user-generated content such as videos, reviews on your site and review aggregator sites like Trustpilot. Screenshots of social media posts, product reviews, various online reviews are a few things an eCommerce site can use to its advantage to reassure the potential customer.

Actual customer reviews that contain content like product images and videos improve user experience. The above mentioned channels should be bringing customers to the eCommerce store, not the other way around. Use discount codes, free incentives, and social features to get the customers to leave a review for your business. Do not manipulate the thoughts and keep them organic to build customer trust. Listen to customer feedback on all social media channels and make a positive business reputation. 

Have a referral program

A referral program is a great way to increase your revenue and improve customer loyalty. A referral program rewards existing customers for referring new customers to your brand. You can reward them with discounts, coupons, free products, etc. It’s a win-win situation for both parties involved. Your current customers get rewarded for recommending your brand, while your new customers get a chance to buy at discounted prices. This also improves customer experience because people who arrive through a referral will trust your website more than any other marketing effort. 

There are many referrals and affiliate program softwares, but the most popular one is Refersion, Advocate. To make sure that your referral program is successful, you need to offer your customers a wide variety of benefits. For example, you could give them a coupon or a discount on your next purchase. On top of that, you can set up affiliate programs for professional blogs to refer traffic towards your eCommerce website.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a powerful digital marketing strategy to target specific audiences using the top influencers in your niche. Influencer marketing has been proven to work exceptionally well in generating leads and increasing conversion rates. There are several tools available today which help you find the right influencers for your business. These tools include Social Mention, Topsy, Buzzsumo, Klout, PeerIndex, etc.

Select the influencer based on how they are relevant to your niche, buying intention of the followers,  numbers of followers and the regular engagement to the posts. Having the influencer make content for you compels the customers to add products to the shopping cart quickly.

Conclusion: Best Digital Marketing Tips for eCommerce

In summary, choosing which digital marketing strategy to use is up to you. There is no single best digital marketing tip, and most of it is niche relevant. However, a general pattern to follow as beginners is to launch Facebook ads, google shopping ads, a customer focused eCommerce platform, active presence is a social platform and optimizing the search terms to get SEO traffic. Email newsletters add as you grow and have more money to invest in your online shopping store. 

As a business owner best method to find out which digital marketing campaign works best for you is to experiment and calculate what gets you the best conversion rate. Alternatively, you can have professional digital marketers take care of it for you and take lower risks in your advertising strategy.

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