Auto Dealer Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Last updated:
September 12, 2022

Customer relationship management (CRM) software for the automotive industry can streamline the operational processes for car dealers and businesses. It contributes to boosting your sales. Automotive CRM software captures and consolidates all the interactions with potential customers and buyers. In addition, it can track all the communication and activities undertaken with prospects. The two most important aspects of CRM are its contact database and sales force automation. It facilitates dealerships in speeding up their sales processes, responding promptly to the customers' needs, and maintaining a detailed central database of customers and prospects.

Benefits & Advantages of Using Automotive CRM Software

Your operations can be streamlined by CRM software by reducing the time for automating repetitive processes. Important benefits dealerships can gain by using an automotive CRM tool are automating processes, processing feedback from customers by getting accurate and deep understanding, boosting upgrades and cross sales, effective sales tracking, streamlining tasks for the sales department, personalizing the sales process and experience, smart analytics, identifying the missed deals, enhancing call quality and managing customers life cycle.

Common Features Auto Dealership CRM Software

CRM software is divided into two types, one with features found in most general CRM products like contact database, sales force automation, interaction tracking, workflow automation and reporting. In contrast, other features of CRM products specific to an auto dealership are showroom management, inventory management, lease management, service department management, reporting and analytics, mobile app, financing section, contact and sales management and email integration.

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Dealer Socket

Dealer socket is one of the best CRM software for the automotive industry used by industry leaders like Toyota and Kia. It offers a diverse suite of online automotive dealership management services, including CRM, DMS, equity mining, inventory management, etc. It also allows you to get on a discovery call with an expert before moving to the next step. Special features of Dealer Socket include strategic and operative CRM. Furthermore, it helps collect information about your target customer's requirements and personalize their experience under strategic CRM. Whereas under operative CRM helps you manage day-to-day business activities. Other features include automation, personalization, better communication and a dealer socket team in case you need additional assistance. The only drawback is that it does not have a free trial or plan.

Liveperson Automotive

It is the best software for live sales interaction. Selling a car without a good salesperson is difficult, especially persuading your customer. With increased online shopping, the chances of finalizing the deal are reduced because of a lack of a salesperson. Liveperson automotive is the solution as it offers a real-time live chat service, allowing your team to connect with your potential customers and make deals quickly and more efficiently. Special features of this CRM

software include its messaging and live chat solutions, which are available for both sales funnel and post-purchase service. Besides, operative CRM helps you focus on customer-centric processes like customer communication and query resolution. Some other best features are easy to set up, fast and real-time chat, attach media content and trade-in value check. One drawback is that features are limited to customer chat.

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Selly Automotive

Selly Automotive is one of the best automotive CRM software. Selly Automotive is a popular CRM communication platform for independent car dealerships. The software looks after email, text, and internet inquiries on email, text and calls. It serves RV, BHPH, independent and small dealers, and Powersports dealers. Operative CRM services are a special feature of Selly automotive as they cater to incoming leads and convert them to customers. A few other important features are managing communication: an autoresponder, call transfer and routing feature and a follow-up work plan that is a workflow feature for automated follow-up for best results. Unfortunately, having too many app notifications is a drawbackin CRM.

Pro Max

For customer support, Pro Max is the best automotive CRM software. The primary purpose of the software is to sell more cars and secure more loyal customers. It is done by streamlining your workflow and simplifying dealer management to focus more on customer satisfaction. Pro Max can also be used to build websites, manage inventory, track calls, generate leads etc., along with basic CRM features. Three types of CRM done by the Pro Max are its special features: strategic, operative, and collaborative. These tools permit you to understand your customer needs, generate more leads, and manage regular customer-centric processes to secure a deal and use your analytical reports to make up for gaps in your service. Other salient features include multi-source Lead Tracking, follow-Ups, instant Marketing and Pro Max Team Support to extend their assistance to you. Limited options for display adjustment are a drawback of this CRM software

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Autoraptor is the best automotive CRM software. It is an all-in-one CRM software which takes care of all steps of the automobile sales process, including organizing your leads, automating the sales process, or reviewing your performance with the help of dynamic insights. Top-notch customer support is one of the best features of Autoraptor. In addition, other special features include operative and collaborative CRM, which provides for customer-centric processes and business optimization. Besides special features, a few other important aspects are scheduling & reminders, text messaging, custom templates and smart filters. A drawback is the limited features of the mobile app.


Izmocars is one of the best automotive CRM software for powerful analytics. Car dealerships require quite a few applications and external assistance to run the business smoothly. You might look for a tool that offers almost every functionality your company needs, and Izmocars is the one. To improve lead conversion and the lifetime value of customers, it focuses on managing

your leads and building long-term customer relationships. An operative and analytical CRM tool are special features because they take care of customer-centric daily business activities and data analytics. Other essential software features include lead consolidation, better communication, customer data and web analytics. The only drawback is that there is no mention of automation in CRM.

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Different car dealerships face different challenges, and VinSolution is designed to solve them. It is the best automotiveCRM software for data security. Along with its world-class CRM tool, VinSolution will also facilitate your company's desking endeavours, inventory management and marketing. The unique features of collaborative CRM services help you with lead management and sales besides offering insightful information about your business progress. Other essential features include instant connection with customers, data-driven, data security and team accountability. In contrast, some drawbacks of the software include poor application onboarding and training assistance.

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