Using PPC & Paid Social to Attract Users to Your App

Last updated:
January 2, 2023

Apps provide excellent benefits, from quicker transactions to improved branding with just one click. Still, before taking advantage of these fantastic benefits, you must get people to download them first. Even if a customer has purchased your product multiple times, that does not guarantee they will add your app to their device. To persuade them to take action, here are some strategies to use PPC and paid social media to bring in new consumers for your app.

Channels and Funnels Are Tools Used for Marketing

For successful digital marketing, it is essential to utilize multiple platforms instead of relying only on one. Similarly, encouraging people to download apps lets them understand what advantages they can experience with different channels such as Facebook, Google ads, and social media messages. Nevertheless, some tracks are more effective than others for reaching specific customers.

Businesses with many attractive items that get long-term customers should certainly use apps. Generally, loyal users who are trying to make an immediate purchase will bring about the quickest gain for your business. You can encourage people to download your app at any stage of your marketing and conversion funnel. If you don't know what the horn is, it's a sequence that customers go through before buying something. Typically the funnel starts with clients being aware of the product; then, they consider their options before deciding to buy it. Help direct these customers throughout this pathway.

Raising Awareness

Beginning with paid social media is a prudent initial step. Your coldest customer base resides at the top of the funnel, meaning they are unfamiliar with your app. Social media offers productive chances to introduce yourself and your app. Utilize Facebook, YouTube, and other social media sites to carefully yet clearly disclose information about you and your products/services and emphasize how convenient it is to download and use your app.

Pay-per-click (PPC) Ads Help Audiences Stay Connected

Through search engines like Google and social media, PPC (pay-per-click) search ads are beneficial for e-commerce. Using these to market your app is recommended because the customer has already expressed interest in products or brands similar to yours. Upon clicking on your ad, add a promotional message that encourages the user to download your app and get a discount as a new customer or their initial price. This makes deciding to download the app more desirable. With this tool, you can target specific audiences with display ads, such as shoppers who have bought from you previously or have qualities akin to those who have already visited your site. Finally, to search ads, add sitelinks titled "Download Our App," pointing users directly toward a landing page where they can see more info.

Don't Give Up

Through the continued use of paid social, PPC, and email marketing, repeat the message even if they don't immediately download the app upon purchase. As they enjoyed their shopping experience, this will positively drive them to add the app. Creative advertising helps with that remembrance. Keeping customers consistently encouraged throughout the funnel enhances their lifetime value and increases their likelihood of buying more when using your app.

Final Thoughts

To increase the number of app downloads and brand awareness, PPC and paid social are effective ways to bring in new customers. Optimizing your marketing techniques heightens the lifetime funnel of customers. If you would like to boost your digital advertising, consider contacting an eCommerce pay-per-click agency such as Twelverays. They provide services such as eCommerce PPC, social media, and more that can better support your app, branding, and additional fields.

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