Strategies for Improving Your Social Platforms

Last updated:
January 5, 2023

Make sure to give people visiting your social media pages a great reason to stay and become familiar with you. Social media is an excellent and cost-effective strategy for promoting your products and services. Instead of allowing visitors to leave, having them remain subscribed to your content, submit their contact information, and eventually turn into customers is advantageous. Thus, the challenge then becomes creating a friendly and inviting "face" for social media that encourages visitors to do the above steps. Utilize these four tips to enhance your social sites to attract more visitors through your "door."

Maintain Consistent Branding Across Platforms

Acknowledgment is vital, so make sure those you wish to reach can recognize you. The colors, logos, website structure, or profile pictures may need to shift to keep up with your business needs, market demands, and what the company wants. Change can be beneficial if your branding is uniform across every online space. It's essential to tell yourself apart from companies with similar colors and logos when potential customers move from one platform to another. Let the people know that no matter which page they are on, you will be ready to help them!

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Making the Most of Your Social Media Bios

People rely much more on social media when searching for businesses, products, services, reviews, and numerous other items. You want to appear close to the top of the search results page on Google, don't you? It is much the same with social media searches. When making your profile on a particular website, include trendy industry keywords in your name, a profile description, or bio so that it will rank higher in the results.

Develop a consistent username across the internet. As it is challenging to develop a one-word handle, try incorporating your company name and industry or relevant descriptor (e.g., @google for marketing).

Enhance YouTube Playlists and Thumbnails

An online store's frontage and signs are built to attract customers inside. Similarly, your YouTube channel should provide an inviting view of your videos and site. When someone happens upon your content on YouTube and is interested in any of the topics you talk about, you should make it easy for them to discover related issues. By presenting brief and pertinent playlist titles with attractive thumbnails emphasizing the worth of each video, the audience can look for what they're seeking more effectively and potentially subscribe to your channel. Notify viewers of what they will be receiving from you and how it will help them, and then maybe you'll gain more subscriptions.

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Get Them to Join!

Online networking can be fun for visitors to your Twitter, Facebook, or another page. Still, until they take action on your existing platform, they effectively become the social media company's customers instead of yours. You'll only be occupying borrowed space on these websites, so you're accountable to their policies, standards, and standing. If a platform were to go offline or unpublish your account due to intentional or unintentional violations of its regulations, you and all your followers would be gone too. To ensure this doesn't happen to you, find ways to bring customers off the platform and onto your site so that you can gather their contact data. Enhance their experience by offering them a discount or special reward if they fill in a form. This way, even if social media no longer exists, you'd still be able to stay connected.

Wrap Up

There are four free and easy tips for optimizing your social media pages to bring in and retain clients. If you're interested in paid social media services, like Facebook ads, reach out to Twelverays.

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