Can PPC Marketing Help in Your Market Expansion?

Last updated:
January 4, 2023

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is capable of helping you branch out into new foreign markets. While it won't jumpstart an instant expansion, it does offer various paths to progress in those new global markets. Your company needs to be able to satisfy the requirements of these countries, though, or there must be a need for your goods and services for it to work. Unfortunately, there is no single set of directions that will guarantee success internationally, yet we can guide you to assist in getting you on a successful journey.

Explore the Possibilities Before Going Abroad

Finding out how your brand is accepted internationally can be done by using Facebook, other social media, and Google Analytics. Doing so will help gain insight into how consumers interact with your brand or related products through non-branded searches. Additionally, the expenditure and revenue generated in each country for certain items can be observed. Examining search volume for those terms may predict future success when expanding or convince you not to venture into a market.

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No Data? No Problem!

If you already have some experience with international business, this is great. On the other hand, the Google Ads keyword planner can be handy if you're entirely unfamiliar with foreign markets. Just type in a query about your brand (or any non-branded terms) and receive projections based on individual countries. By doing this, you'll be able to locate and focus on selected crowds for your products.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being First

Having the initial presence in an area can be hugely advantageous. In many countries, Google ads have a lower saturation, leading to less competition (three or fewer competitors for a particular item than hundreds in the USA) and, as a result, more affordable costs per click (CPC). Also, it is simpler to obtain impression share in nations where the market has not been exploited yet and develop a dedicated customer base. Therefore, one wouldn't struggle to stay afloat within the marketing world.

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Pay Attention to the Differences

Certain items cannot sell in different nations. Selling snowmobiles in an arid area and beach balls in a freezing place would not turn out well. For a more thorough approach, you should think of language limitations and if you can interpret your text in another language. Apps that translate automatically might have drawbacks, such as not being completely precise or struggling to comprehend the context. Nonetheless, even a rudimentary interpretation of your material presents more chances than risks.

Exploring in a Strange Land?

If your product is brand new, you must remember that it won't have instant support or a determined search abroad and thus won't be seen in the common areas. Examining video ads on YouTube can expand product knowledge and generate desire. YouTube is notably practical for seeking out various audiences worldwide depending on what different nations are attracted to at that moment. These videos evoke emotion with users streaming popular videos within their country and may increase interest in a product that doesn't exist in their market. You can also select specific demographics–25- to 35-year-old women, fitness enthusiasts, property owners, etc.–and share videos and display ads across the Google Display network. The more meticulous the search gets, the costlier it becomes; however, broad terms and demographics are an excellent way of discovering customers elsewhere.

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Will Pay-Per-Click Advertising Help You with International Expansion?

Absolutely! Twelverays is a partner to many when it comes to PPC advertising. Having been through the exclusive training programs and having met specific customers' standards, we are well-suited to assist you in entering new international markets. Please contact us today if you want to learn how Twelverays can help broaden your reach with PPC Management Services.

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