Power Automate: 7 Practical Examples

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May 5, 2021

It makes it possible for businesses to automate regular procedures and jobs if you are a stranger to Microsoft Power Automate or the Power Platform. These automated workflows are referred to as 'flows,' and they begin with a 'trigger,' a pre-defined occasion that activates an action.

Ultimately, Power Automate and the Power Platform is all about automation and streamlining jobs.

Businesses commonly ask just how they can make Power Automate help them. Below, we cover seven examples of tasks that can be automated within your organization using existing themes ...

Process Automation with Power Automate | Microsoft Power Apps

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Example 1: Automatically Conserve Email Attachments

That this might benefit: Account Managers

Exactly how Power Automate can help: When accessories obtain sent out concerning a client, Power Automate can save them into the relevant SharePoint folder. This conserves time and helps prevent repetitive tasks like searching through emails to locate what you need, as it will be saved within the appropriate file collection.

Solved: Extracting .CSV Email Attachment from Outlook and ... - Power  Platform Community

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Example 2: Manage Vacation Requests as Well as Approvals

Who this can benefit: Employees and Managers

How Power Automate / Power BI can assist: To properly handle pauses throughout the year, it would certainly be beneficial to have an automatic authorization procedure. Power Automate permits a computerized demand to be sent to a supervisor when a staff requests leave and after that a notification of their feedback. Can all be done with robotic process automation.

Solved: Vacation Request flow tied to Forms - Power Platform Community

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Example 3: Request Approval for New Papers as Well as Alert Employees via Teams

That this may  benefit: Project Managers

How Power Automate / Power BI can help your workflow: Critical records might need authorization before they can be sent, which can usually be a lengthy procedure and include following up with numerous personnel members. These business processes can be automated within Power Automate, whereby approval can be requested whenever a brand-new record is posted to SharePoint. When finished, team members are informed by MS Teams.

A scenario where this could be utilized: At the beginning of a project, you may have different files that need to be generated, accepted and sent out in the past; things can progress.

You could generate the relevant records and add them to SharePoint documents; this would automatically notify the pertinent staff member using Microsoft Teams and alert them that this record requires approval. They can then action this, and you would certainly obtain a notice once the approval request is finished.

Create and test an approval workflow with Power Automate. - Power Automate  | Microsoft Docs

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Example 4: Get a Push Alert when You Get an Email from Your Boss

That this may benefit: All staff members

Exactly how Power Automate can assist: Never miss a crucial email from your boss once again. As soon as an email message from your employer is gotten, Power Automate will send out a press alert to alert you, enabling a timely action.

For this template, Microsoft 365 (formerly called Office 365) email address will be required to activate this feature, together with the installment of the Power Automate flow application.

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Example 5: Stay on Top of New Dynamics 365 Opportunities

Who this might benefit: Sales Directors/Managers/Representatives

How Power Automate can assist: Each week, you can receive an email message to introduce all brand-new opportunities logged in Microsoft Dynamics 365. This ensures you stay on top of your pipe, and also, nothing slides through the internet.

Dataflow integration with Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365

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Example 6: Receive an Email when A Power BI Alert Is Set-Off

Who this may benefit: Support Team

How Power Automate can assist: Send any target market an email when a Power BI data-driven alert is caused. Instances of this are: send the assistance group a heads up when the event volume mores than 100, alert sales managers when ten or more leads haven't been upgraded in over 2 weeks, or make sales reps conscious if they have not hit their target as well as the deadline is less than 5 days away.

Integrate Power BI data alerts with Power Automate - Power BI | Microsoft  Docs

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Example 7: Stay on Top of Your Social Media Discusses

Who this could benefit: Social Media Managers

How Power Automate and Power BI can aid: Your function may entail routinely gathering prominent tweets with your business name or item points out. Nevertheless, this can be a handbook and lengthy activity. Power Automate could send out push notices if a tweet with a certain keyword were retweeted more than 20 times. For example, this could be activated by brand name points out, permitting you to monitor the influence of your brand name on social media.

For this theme, the setup of the Power Automate app is needed.

By Industry – Social Media: Flows that will save you hours | Power  Automate Blog

Process Opportunities Microsoft

As demonstrated in Example 7, Power Automate is not limited to connecting with Microsoft-only items (SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Outlook, Office 365, Power BI, etc.). Within the Power Automate connector collection, you will certainly see the diverse series of 3rd Party Connectors offered also. Popular ones include Asana, Mailchimp, Twitter, Adobe Sign, DocuSign, Google Drive, Eventbrite, FreshBooks, and Trello.

Some might call for additional licenses. However, these adapters considerably broaden the possibilities of what you can develop and automate within your service.

It is likewise worth noting that the instances supplied in this article are utilizing existing Power Automate flow layouts (of which there are hundreds). You can build circulation from the scrap option using any of the adapters offered if you can not locate an ideal design template.

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