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Improving Nesting Days' visibility on Google

Learn how Twelverays prepared the Nesting Days website to be more SEO compliant; some examples were removing dead links and ensuring website stability.

Nesting Days
Nesting Days


Shopify, Google Analytics, Google Search Console

What we did

Organic SEO, keyword research, content optimization, UI/UX improvements


Nesting Days is a company that sells newborn baby carriers through its website. Focusing on the importance of true skin-to-skin connection with newborns, their products form a closer bond between parents and their infants.

Challenge - To improve Nesting Days' visibility on Google.

Solution - Twelverays' custom SEO and Keyword design.

Result - Nesting Days ranking in the top 5 results for targeted keywords. 

Learn how Twelverays prepared the Nesting Days website to be more SEO compliant, some examples were by removing dead links, ensuring website stability, and introducing backlinks.

Solutions (1-4)

Solution 1
Meta titles and description optimization
Solution 2
Site structure archictecture
Solution 3
Keyword optimization
Solution 4
Content refresh throughout site

Check out what we did

Top 3 Rankings

Ranked 1-3 for keywords like women newborn carrier and mens baby shirt carrier

50+ backlinks

White hat backlinks created

"Working with the team at Twelve Rays over the past few months has been just a pleasure and we have seen results! We are now ranking on the first page of google for many keywords that we have always wanted to, but were never able to get before. Matthew, Henry and Junny have also gone above and beyond what we expected providing creative ideas for the website and blog. So far, we are extremely impressed and would highly recommend Twelve Rays to anyone wishing to improve their SEO"

CMO at Nesting Days

Chris Arvan